The picture on the left is an example of a Portrait Quilt.  This involves both quilting and drawing or painting on fabric.  The piece can be any size.

The sample I've posted here was a piece I completed of my beautiful niece that was given as a gift to my brother and sister-in-law.

To produce a piece like this, I work from a picture or pictures of your choice - there is no portrait 'sitting' in the conventional sense.  These pieces are interpretative art pieces.

Portrait quilts begin at $40 per hour and additional charges are determined according to the detail that is involved.   A consultation would be required to determine the cost and level of detail.

Repairs, restoration and quilting services are performed after a consultation.   Please contact me via email or telephone.   Click on the CONTACT US tab above.

Quilting services are provided at a tiered rate beginning with a very basic allover design to a full custom quilting job.

Additional charges may apply for items such as thread, batting, backing fabric and binding.

Quilting Services

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Quilt Repair and Restoration

See the two photos on the left.  Both tops are densely stitched.  The one on the far left is an allover, dense design that I quilted on a panel designed by The Stitchery Rome.  The photo on the right shows one of many designs that I have developed myself.  Both designs are more labor intensive but are part of the expertise I can provide if you choose to go in that direction.

I can also make a quilt of your choice from start to finish.  This type of service is negotiable and the level of difficulty determines the cost.

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Portrait and Art Quilts

Quilting can be an allover design that covers the quilt from top to bottom.  It can also be straight line quilting that enhances the blocks in a quilt top.

The photo on the left is a quilt top made of flannel.  My recommendation would be that this top be minimally quilted with a straight line design.  This top was made to be used on a regular basis and doesn't really require elaborate designs.

The photo on the right was quilted with an allover meandering design.  It is a Christmas top and will only be brought out during the holidays.  The allover design enhanced the top and the stars and Christmas trees that were preprinted on the fabric.

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Quilt repairs apply to vintage quilts as well as those that have been well loved.  If you have a quilt that you would like repaired, I can provide that service.  I also provide quilting services for tops that were never completed.


Quilt restoration is also a service I provide.  The type of restoration done on a quilt or quilt top depends on what you are looking for as a finished product.  A brief consultation would determine the outcome that you have in mind.  

Please keep in mind that some vintage pieces cannot be repaired.  There are those out there that simply can't be worked on due to age or condition.

One word of caution about your quilt tops - don't throw them in your washing machine.  The first picture that is shown on the left is the back of a quilt top that was washed prior to quilting.  Most fabrics will shred unless stabilized and more work will be required prior to beginning repairs and the quilting process.