Grandma B's 100 year birthday celebration with my Mom

My Story

I am a long arm quilter and am able to complete your projects on either of my quilting machines.   My work is all free motion quilting.  For those unfamiliar with quilting terms, that means I do not use computer aided equipment to quilt my customers' projects. 

I can provide edge to edge quilting designs or complex block designs.  I do a good bit of custom work and draft my own designs based on the needs of my customers. 

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Chet and I with Grandma B at her 100 year birthday celebration

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Thank you for visiting my site.  Let me introduce myself.  My name is Debra Thwaites and I can't remember a time when I did not know how to sew.  I grew up in my grandparents shop where they made banners, hats, jackets and silk screened items for their local VFW, high schools, parades and other organizations.  I guess you could say I inherited my love of sewing.   My family is loaded with very talented people - a ballerina, a classical guitarist and textile artists. 

Throughout the years I have always had some sort of project I was working on whether it was an afghan, a cross stitched piece or embroidery.  My grandmother always liked to tell the story of waking up in the middle of the night and finding me knitting away while everyone else was sound asleep.  Grandma B as we called her, was one of my biggest fans.  She made it to 100 and we held a huge birthday party for her on that day.  Family and friends arrived for the celebration from all over the country - Nevada, New Jersey, Florida, Georgia and Pennsylvania.  A reporter visited her at home that day and she made the nightly news.  During the interview she presented the reporter with one of the many afghans she had crocheted.  Up until about 6 months before her death, she was still crocheting lap afghans for the wounded military personnel that were recuperating in Washington, DC.  

I caught the quilting bug 10 years ago and am a self taught quilter.  It is what I do for a living and, as the old saying goes, ' if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life'.  That is so true!

I have donated my work to non profit agencies and other organizations for fund raising projects. And, of course, have given quilts to others as gifts.  The last quilt I donated was for an auction being held to raise money for a high school  football team.  I am told that the piece was one of the most bid upon items at the auction and caused quite a bidding war between the attendees.  It's wonderful to get feedback like this from organizations.

In December of 2019, my  husband and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.  

I am a member of the Kiwanis Club of Rome and joined the organization in 1991.  Currently I serve as Treasurer but have served in all other officer positions and on our board.


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